Hi there, I'm Samson. I didn’t think I would ever have to sit down to write my bio because I thought I was going to be in my home by now. My Dad Person disappeared a few weeks ago and Mom Person had been going in and out of the house a lot more than usual....something about going to a hospital. Well, I knew something wasn’t right so I left one morning shortly after Mom Person left. I had to see where she was going day to day and then maybe find out where Dad Person had been all this time. Well, I wound up getting nabbed and taken to the shelter. Mom Person found out I was there and decided it was probably best I find a new home. She just wanted me safe and with her trips back and forth, she couldn’t be there for me anymore. So, here I am. A little more about me, I'm a Rottweiler/Boxer mix, only 4 years old, I weigh about 65lbs, I have a stub for a tail, I am a very lovable guy. I love to be petted, I love to eat, I'm not very chatty...I'm pretty calm and quiet, Tug-o-War is the best game ever and I have very good manners. If you're looking for a guy like me, please call me. 

PO Box 44 •  Pryor, Ok 74362  •  (918) 605-6516 •  swatbox44 [ at ] gmail.com