Sweet Biscuit Nichols took his freedom run over Rainbow Bridge on Monday January 28, 2019. Even though he was 11 years old he loved to chase his brother BooBoo kitty and the neighborhood squirrels. He liked late nights in the backyard telling the neighbors dogs to stay on their side of the fence! He was a noisy, vocal little guy. He liked the noise his tags made while drinking from his metal water bowl. His favorite place was next to his moms legs on the recliner with just a smidge of the blanket on him. He was very loved. He was a SWAT dog but he knew he really belonged to Marti Nichols. He’s survived by his mom Marti, former SWAT momma Joan, his fur brothers Duncan and Boo Boo kitty and one of his favorite people Emily from Atomic Dog Salon. Senior dogs love you with their whole heart—and leave footprints when they leave.

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Boomer and Sooner
Boomer and Sooner touched the hearts of a lot of people during their too short time on Earth. Their sitter, Carolyn remembers hugs and suggles from Boomer and dripping wet frisbees from a very playful Sooner. Their family misses these precious smiles but they know Boomer was waiting to show Sooner the path across the Bridge where they can be puppies again. There they will wait until they are all together again.

Robert was abandoned by his family because he was getting old. He was a farm dog and had never known the inside of a house. He arrived at the Shelter very scared and confused. He soon got use to the routine but never settled in. He sat in his kennel day after day and month after month until he was finally in trouble. A kind gentleman was looking for a Pit to add to his family and when he called, the worker told him about Patsy, the Pit but also about Robert and his plight. "Bring them both" he said. That was 10 years ago. Robert was a kind, faithful, loving companion for 10 years after he was "too old." He was a beautiful soul that lives on in our lives.

Older is sweeter. That is what my Ginger was. She had been tied outside and neglected most of her life. I can say the time she had with me was the best possible, loving home ever. She loved her toys, even after she got sick. As I loved on her and held her, she still wagged her tail until the end. Sometimes, for their sake, we have to let them go and let our tears fall. Thank you Ginger for your love. Oh how I miss you being at my every turn!

Our wonderful baby, Cherokee, left us Sunday, February 26. We adopted her September 2015 and found her to be one of the sweetest babies we've had. She had been left in a dump in Langley, OK. She must have had a home at some point because she came spayed and was already more than 10 years old. We saw her on Facebook and saw how terrified she was at the shelter. Within the week she joined our family. She fit right in with our other dog, Sunny, and our cat tribe. She had recently developed lumps and when one was removed, it was discovered to be a very aggressive form of cancer. She passed in our arms knowing she was very loved and will be missed. Although she was with us a short time, she made us so happy just by being herself. We will miss our snuffleufflepup, as my husband called her for the happy sounds she made while being petted.

15 years ago a heartless person dropped our sweet "Roadie" in the beginning of January as she was full of puppies and ready to give birth . We saw her but couldn't entice her to us so I put food out every day and watched as she would come up to eat and then go back into the woods by our house. Finally one day she came to the house and led my daughter back into the woods with her to her puppies in the crook of a tree. We brought them and her back and took care of them all. We kept her and one of the pups and my daughter took one. We found good homes for the rest and had her spayed. She lived a long happy life here with us and broke our hearts when she passed over Rainbow Bridge last spring. The hard heart that dropped her never knew what a special girl she was, but we sure did....

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